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Catalyst 8D0131701AS / 8D0178C WITH AUDI S4

Catalysts with the number 8D0131701AS/8D0178C are used by the Audi brand. They are characterized by a flat shape, protuberances on the cover and outlets arranged diagonally. The weight of their contribution is less than 1 kilogram, and the length is less than 40 cm.

Audi S4 is a car model, the production of which began in 1991 and is still produced today. It is a sporting, more efficient version of the popular A4. The car model is also available in a more extreme version, Audi RS4 .

From the beginning Audi S4 was considered the best model among the sedans launched in 1990. The engine was the same as the smaller S2 model, i.e. 2.2 liters with two camshafts, with 20 valves, a turbine, with a maximum power of 230 hp and 350 nm of torque. Later, a larger 4.2-liter V8 engine with 32 valves and 280 hp of power was added to the range. The model was fitted with Audi Quattro permanent all-wheel drive as standard. The car was available as a 4-door sedan and as a station wagon.

In 2001, another variant, the Audi RS4, was introduced to replace the Audi / Porsche RS2. This model was developed by Audi, unlike its predecessor, which was designed in cooperation with Porsche. The engine was the same as in the Audi S4, i.e. the V6 engine with a double 30 V turbocharger. The engine was tuned by Cosworth to achieve full 380 hp. Like the RS2 predecessor, this model was only available as a station wagon. Until 2001, this model did not change much.

In 2003 the time has come for the new S4, based on two years earlier introduced Audi A4 B6. This model gained a new 4.2-liter V8 engine and developed 344 hp. As usual, following the traditions, this model was also available with permanent all-wheel drive, the Quattro.

In 2005, the Audi A4 B6 underwent a facelift, and the car was ultimately named Audi A4 B7. In the same year the new RS4 was presented. It had a 4.2-liter FSi V8 engine that develops all 420 hp. This model is still produced today and is available as a sedan, station wagon and convertible.