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CATALYST 9146663/2236958001 FROM VOLVO

Catalysts 9146663/2236958001 are used by the Swedish brand Volvo. What characterizes them most is a wide, flat cover, the edges of which are additionally flattened. In the cover you will find several transversely arranged recesses. The entire catalyst is topped off by asymmetrical outlets, totaling up to three, including one double. Numbers are easy to find. The retail price of the model, on 24/05/2019. amounts to PLN 2 027.42 (EUR 470.40, USD 529.35, NOK 4 573). Catalysts 9146663/2236958001 are used in Volvo 960 (S90 / V90) models with a 2.5 gasoline engine. 

The catalyst clearly divides into two parts – this is related to the placement by the manufacturer of two ceramic inlays that have been sputtered with precious metals unevenly. One of them has more content. As we know, in the Scandinavian countries we deal with a lot of attention to air cleanliness. As a result, Volvo has ensured a higher content of elements that will contribute to increasing the efficiency of exhaust gas purification by the catalytic converter. Therefore, the price of the used part is so high.

The Volvo 960 was powered by a new series of 6-cylinder engines, an advanced aluminum engine with one cylinder with double locking camshafts in the head, connected to 4 valves per cylinder. This engine was the first step of a new generation of row engines that eventually turned into Volvo’s “4-5 cylinder” series.

Both mechanically and aesthetically, the vehicle was built on the basis of solutions from the 760 model.

The front used in the Volvo 960 was already introduced in 1988 in connection with the modernization made in the Volvo 760. However, the rear part of the later model was completely new. The design of the new rear part was made by Håkan Malmgren, who was also involved in the production of the 700 series. The estate version was popularly called the Volvo 965.

Equipped with electric windows and mirrors, automatic air conditioning, cruise control, leather upholstery, heated seats, ABS system, reversing sensors, fog lights and SIPS system, a system patented by the brand, which protects against side impacts. In the event of a collision, its energy is to dissipate to the entire skeleton of the car.