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Catalyst converter: 1715303/2987721002/R01. BMW

Catalyst Converter 1715303/2987721002 / R01 / US PATENT 5666805 is a BMW Catalyst Converter. It weighs 1.88 kg and is almost 40 cm long. The catalyst has a rounded, asymmetrical shape. One of the side openings faces down. Used in models E36 and E46 1999-2001.
The first of the models, the BMW E36, is the third generation of the model to become available in the ‘iconic’ second market, although it is available as a result with all original parts at the moment. The model was produced in 1990-2000. The car belongs to the middle class segment. It has higher strength and durability than previous versions. Due to its shape, it is often referred to as a “dolphin”. They were originally produced in a sedan version. 1992 a coupe version was introduced, and a year later a convertible and a 3-door compact version. Subsequent versions began with the installation of ABS and power steering systems, an airbag and additional air conditioning. 

Today, the E36 is still just as popular with fans of tuning and LPG installations. Cars with a lot of parts that are heavily used are mostly sold. The car is now available at attractive prices, but in the past it was a “luxury item” available to few. E36 was imported from western countries and many of them crossed borders in not the best technical condition. Why buy this particular model? Even after many years, the E36 is considered one of the best versions of the BMW, with its simple yet sturdy construction and sporty, timeless design. This makes the E36 attractive due to its powerful engine and rear-wheel drive.
The advantages are usually highlighted – good handling, excellent transmission and durable engines, but the model is criticized for high operating costs. 

The second model we want to mention is the BMW E46, the fourth model in the famous 3 Series. The car left the production lines in 1998. It stands out from the former in a refined, softer form. 3 years after the premiere, the E46 underwent a front bumper lift. He has often been considered one of the top 10 cars of the year by the well-known car magazine “Car and Driver”. The car is in a sense a combination of sporty styling and elegance, subtlety and class. The coupe and convertible E46 are a real pleasure. Who is this car for anyway? Mostly for people who appreciate this German brand who want to enjoy driving. Due to the large selection of bodies, it can serve both singles and families. It was produced until 2007. It’s still just as popular right now. The most frequently mentioned disadvantages are i.e. air conditioning, wheel and steering system failures and power steering system leaks.