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Catalyst Converter number 46473014/46524758. Fiat Brava

Catalyst converter number 46473014/46524758, was manufactured by the Italian car group for FIAT and LANCIA vehicles. The ceramic catalyst converter, which is about 48 cm long, stands out with a trapezoidal lid. The construction of the outlets differs from the others, but they retain an overall rounded shape. Catalyst converter with specified home options can be found in cars of Italian manufacturers – petrol versions, manufactured in 1995-2002;

Cars models and engine versions where this catalytic converter can be found:

  1. FIAT BRAVA 1.2 16V 80 engines; 1.6 16V
  2. FIAT BRAVO I 1.2 16V 80 engines; 1.6 16V
  3. FIAT MAREA 1.6 100 16V
  5. LANCIA DELTA II 1.6 16V

The FIAT BRAVO is a car that appeared in a three-door version in its first year of production. The first Fiat Bravo model (type 182) was built in 1995. The sporty appearance of the car, the original shape of the hatchback body and the bold interior of the car meant that it received the prestigious 1996 car title a year after it was made. the look of the car was the integration of the headlights into the bodywork, which also gave the car a sportier look.

FIAT BRAVA The Brava, a fraternal version with a five-door version, was launched for the first time at the same time as the Bravo twins. The Fiat Brava offered a liftback version that made the car more elegant, practical and spacious. The compact Brava offered plenty of space and provided good driving comfort. The car belonged to the lower middle class category (segment C).