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Catalyst converter number: 5027916/44103245516

Catalysts, number 5027916/44103245516, are used in the production of Skoda brand automotive catalysts. This model is about 44 cm long and weighs 0.985 kg. They are characterized by a symmetrical structure, smoothed edges, transverse strips at the site of the inserted insert, and bilateral narrowing at the outlets. They are often corroded, but the code is usually easy to read. 

Skoda Felicia was established between 1994 and 2001 by the Czech company Skoda Auto. The model was produced as a five-door hatchback and a five-door station wagon for everyday use in the city.

This was a model in which the integration of the manufacturer and the German was strongly reflected in the Volkswagen Group, for example by introducing an appropriate production specification. Conceptually, the car was based on the previous Skoda Favoit model, but its design was more modern. There are many improved aspects to the model. Compared to the Favoit model, the new versions include new features such as ABS, power steering and more.

The name Felicia was taken from the previous sports model Felicia, manufactured in the 1960s.

The approved series was produced in 1993, and series production began in 1994. September 5 At the same time, the development of Kit-Car racing cars with engine displacements of up to 1,300 and 1,500 cm³ was started. Utility versions have been in production since 1995, when production replaced Favorit-based models. The hatchback and station wagon were produced in Mladá Boleslav until 2000, when production was moved to Quasin.

The hatchback was introduced to the public in 1994. October month. In Prague, and in 1995 In June, a wagon variant was shown at the Brno Motor Show. The Pickup version has also been available since 1995. 1998 A design improvement has been made. The shape of the radiator grille, the color and shape of the bumpers (from black to the color of the particular car, later the color of the door handles and mirrors), the Felicia inscription at the rear and the shape at the rear have been changed. Headlights and fog lights. Production was discontinued in 2001. June 20 A total of 1,420,441 specimens were produced. The successor to the model was the Skoda Fabia. Ten years after the end of production, the Felicia was still the busiest car on Czech roads.