Catalyst Converter with code: 30865248. Volvo S40

Volvo brand catalytic converters with code 30865248 have an asymmetrical rectangular shape. The catalyst has cylindrical outlets on both sides. Its length is about 60 cm, and this catalyst is usually found in Mitsubishi and Volvo models.

The Volvo S40 was first introduced in 1995. Due to the body version, two vehicle names can be distinguished. The S40 symbolized a 4-door sedan, and the station wagon version was introduced under the name V40. The Volvo S40 is a compact car sold and manufactured by the Swedish manufacturer Volvo Cars.

The first generation of the model was introduced in 1995. And was continued until 2004. This model belongs to the middle class. The Volvo S40 model replaced models such as the 440 and 460. It was first manufactured at the NedCar plant in the Netherlands.
The vehicle was developed in collaboration with two Swedish and Korean brands, using the same Volvo S40 and V40 floor panel and several mechanical components, as well as Mitsubishi Carisma.
The cooperation between the two brands did not produce the desired results.

The production of the Volvo model differed from the Swedish standard. The quality of the S40 model has yielded many negative results. Poor material quality and poor assembly accuracy deviated significantly from previous offers from this brand.
The small boot volume of the S40 471 / 855l version and the V40 415 / 1420l also contributed to the poor opinion.
After a not-so-good start, manufacturers have struggled to maintain the S40’s reputation that has built up over the years.
The first modernization of the vehicle took place in 1999, during which the brake discs, brakes and steering systems were replaced, as well as the suspension and introduction of direct fuel injection in diesel engines.
The vehicle’s engines have also gone through several stages of development. Gasoline engines with a capacity and power of 1.6 (105 km), 1.8 (115 km), 2.0 (136 km) and 1.9 (90 km) diesel made their debut.
In later years, it was possible to purchase vehicles with an expanded range of engines.

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