Refining of precious metals

Catalyst Converter with Code: GM131. Opel

The catalyst code GM131 is used by the German brand Opel. These catalysts are small in size – they are only 25 cm long and do not exceed 0.13 kg! Their shape is quite unusual. One of the outlets is very elongated and makes up almost half the length of the catalyst.

GM131 catalysts are used in models such as:

Opel Zafira B 1.9 CDTI, Z19DT;

Opel Astra H 1.9 CDTI, Z19DT;

Opel Vectra C 1.9 CDTI. Z19DT;

While there is still a prevailing belief in society that a small-sized catalyst should be cheap, this model still negates this. Many people constantly remember the myth that the smaller the catalyst, the less precious metal it contains. Today we would like to dispel this myth. As can be seen from the GM131 model, the small size does not determine the price of the catalyst used. The amount of precious metals is important and is verified as a message not by weighing or measuring the length of the catalyst, but on the basis of a detailed X-ray fluorescence analysis.

This analysis is performed by specialists working in our company. The content of precious elements obtained after the test is entered into a specific program in which the algorithm calculates the current price of all catalysts in the database on a daily basis, based on current precious metal norms.