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Catalyst converter1J0178EBCL from Volkswagen

Catalyst Converter 1J0178EBCL is a catalytic converter fitted to the Volkswagen Golf IV (1J1). Its weight is 1.27 kg. The length is 45 cm. It is characterized by a dark brown color and an elongated shape. The catalyst has an asymmetrical housing. On one side is a cover attached with several holes.

The Volkswagen Golf IV (1J1) is the fourth generation of this compact car. 1997-2006 It was manufactured by the German concern Volksvagen AG.

The model was presented in 1997 in Frankfurt, where the car show took place. This model was developed by Hartmut Warkuss, who previously worked for the Audi brand. For the fourth time, it is distinguished from its predecessor by a more rational shape, galvanized body and greater mass. In 1998, a sedan version called the Bora was introduced to the market, as well as the first four-wheel-drive golf course. – first model with 6-speed gearbox.

It is also worth mentioning the R32 version, which was able to reach a speed of 250 km / h. However, in 2004 The production line was limited to a limited edition W12 equipped with a 6-liter engine. The car reached 600 hp and a speed of 340 km / h. The limited edition had only 600 copies

The fourth-generation auction features the most expensive Golf, which in 2005 It was sold for 188,938 euros. Such a high price was achieved because its first owner was Pope Benedict XVI.

The car was available as a sedan, convertible or station wagon (since 1999). Despite the lack of advanced technical solutions and intricate design, the model has gained great popularity. In total, less than 5 million Golf IV units were produced. You can still find a lot of random copies on the market, which are in very poor technical condition, and the price range of ad portals is quite wide.

The car is still recommended by many mechanics because of its cheap operation and maintenance costs. Spare parts are easy to find and fairly cheap, and mechanics have no problem repairing them. It is also believed that only an engine failure can mobilize this car.