Refining of precious metals

Ceramic processors

The AMD K6 processor with aluminum cap is the most common among the ceramic processor class, although there are other ceramic processors with aluminum caps. There are also processors with copper caps, including solar ultraviolet processors.

How to distinguish them?

While the AMD K6 is the most common aluminum cap processor, few other processors are included in this class. CPUs in this class can have a number of covers that are large and typically cover most of the top of the processor. Often, these heat distributors make up a large portion of the processor’s weight and contribute to a reduction in value compared to the more valuable type of ceramic.

The AMD K6 processors can be identified by the type of cover they have. Thanks to the very light aluminum cover and thin body, this processor is extremely light. Often, these AMD processors are labeled and therefore easily recognizable as K6 marking processors.

Metalcap processors with non-aluminum caps are rated less than K6. The weight of these processors consists mainly of metal caps, which are usually made of non-precious metals. Removing these metal caps is often very difficult.

Ceramic processor preparation

For the AMD K6 processor, the opportunity to get a better price is by removing the aluminum cover. This cover can be removed by heating the cover with a heat gun. When the processor reaches a high enough temperature, the glue will begin to loosen and allow the cover to be removed. To remove the cover, carefully screw in the screw between the cover and the housing and slowly turn it to lift the cover. It is important to understand that the processor is very hot and cannot be used without heat-resistant gloves. When the cover is removed, the processor is assigned to the ceramic processor category. Depending on the quantity, aluminum caps can also be sold.