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How to works catalysts purchasing industry ?

Used catalysts can not be thrown into the trash under any circumstances. We should return the spent catalyst to the point of purchase of catalysts. Unfortunately, there are still few points, and the quality of customer service leaves much to be desired. Is it worth opening the catalyst purchase?

Do many people want to sell catalyst?

According to the catalyst buyer data, there are more and more customers wanting to sell catalysts every year. Why? Because for many years, each vehicle must have a catalyst that is not eternal, so that every year more and more cars get depleted, which means that the amount of used catalysts on the market is growing.

How to start?

The process of creating a catalyst collection point should begin with the receipt of a waste permit. Additionally, it is worth considering obtaining a permit for the transport of catalysts, thanks to which the offer of services will be able to be extended by the collection of catalysts directly at the customer’s. We should remember that the open purchase of catalysts without the necessary permits is severely punished. All necessary permits will be obtained from the Department of Environmental Protection at the City Hall in the place of residence. Before choosing a specific place of storage of used catalysts, it is worth consulting in the Department of Environmental Protection, which will clearly present the conditions that we must meet in order to fully legally buy and store used catalysts. In the case of operations without the required permits, the Voivodship Inspector for Environmental Protection has the right to impose a fine on us. In addition, remember to submit annual reports. In the event of non-submission. Waste catalysts have waste codes 16 08 01, i.e. waste containing gold, silver, rhenium, rhodium, palladium, iridium or platinum. When issuing invoices, please remember to put the code, thanks to which we will significantly simplify the transaction documentation process.

Choosing a business partner with whom we will establish cooperation is not the easiest one. We will find a large amount of catalyst purchases on the market, but cooperation with them may leave much to be desired. When looking for a partner at the beginning, check if the company is trustworthy.