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Waste collection and treatment

Every company that produces a particular product must ultimately dispose of various wastes of materials, which must be handed over to the authorities authorized to receive them. It is worth knowing who has the right to collect and dispose of waste and what permits need to be obtained in order to dispose of waste.
As defined in 2012 December 14 by law, waste is any substance or object which the holder discards or intends or is required to discard. Waste is classified according to its source, properties and the individual components that make it a hazardous waste. Anyone who collects and recycles waste must obtain the necessary permit. Such is the theory. 

What exactly is waste collection? It is their collection before transport, sorting and temporary storage, that is, all the activities that take place before they are processed. In contrast, temporary storage of waste can take various forms. The first is primary storage by their producer, the second is temporary storage in a collection facility, and the third is storage by a recycling operator. Anyone can store waste for a year if it is landfilled, or up to 3 years in other cases. Treatment includes both recovery and disposal. Use here means the process by which waste becomes useful again. This usually involves repairing, cleaning or inspecting the products concerned. 

It is already known that a permit is required to collect or recycle waste. The permit may be issued by the regional environmental director in the case of closed areas. This document shall be obtained only after an inspection by an environmental inspector in the presence of a representative of the competent control authority. Any waste generating company may entrust the management only to holders of the relevant license or concession or enter the BDO register, unless this is not necessary for this activity. WASTE – CATALYSTS
It looks similar in the form of spent catalysts for waste management – in order to recycle, collect, store and even transport, you need to have the appropriate permits, which we have already written about in your blog. It is important to use the services of professional companies in all matters related to waste. It is for this reason that we recommend contacting our company.