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Catalyst number T11 most often found in Toyota Yaris with 1.0 petrol engine, which has been produced since 1999.

Its elongated form has approx. 52 cm. A special feature of this catalyst is one of the outlets, which shape resembles a shorter and smaller version of the tube. In today of this catalyst we can pay 195 euros.

Toyota Yaris it was first presented in 1997 at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a prototype car called Funtime Concept.

However, the debut version of the sales model first appeared at the Paris Motor Show in 1998.

Depending on the continent in which the described model appeared, you could meet with territorially given names:


Australia- Echo

USA, Canada – Belta

Europe and North America – Yaris.

On our European roads you could meet hatchback models in 3 and 5 doors. The arrival of the new Toyota model was associated with the desire to replace the Starlet, which has been on the market for 26 years.

The main motto of the Yaris model production was modern design and the latest technology.

According to the manufacturer, the car has 100% met its assumptions, although its development phase is based on 3 generations of the Toyota model.

 Toyota Yaris from the debut version to the present is a solid and durable car. With proper care of the vehicle, you can count on its long operation with relatively low maintenance costs. A definite plus of the vehicle is the continuing reliability and functionality among Toyota, as well as the spacious interior.

The downside may be a soft and delicate varnish, which with the above-described vehicle details turns out to be a small defect.