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  • As early as 1975 in the United States of America and little bit later in Europe began to take care of the use of catalysts and catalysts benefits. These days in many parts of the world, catalyst must have all cars in the markets. This is happened because cars incineration cases significant damage to the environment and human health, therefore, over the time scientists

  • Catalyst number 1X43-5E212-AK it is characterised by the unusual shape of a rounded trapezoid, with a low insert weight of 0.89 kg, as well as about 30 cm long and about 20 cm wide. Today we can pay 305 euros for this catalyst. Jaguar X Type 3.0 is a vehicle that was produced by the American group Ford Motor Company under the British brand Jaguar

  • Catalyst number T11 most often found in Toyota Yaris with 1.0 petrol engine, which has been produced since 1999. Its elongated form has approx. 52 cm. A special feature of this catalyst is one of the outlets, which shape resembles a shorter and smaller version of the tube. In today of this catalyst we can pay 195 euros. Toyota Yaris it was first presented in 1997

  • Catalyst number K 135 was used in Peugeot cars, mainly in the model 106 in the petrol version 1.1. The use of this catalyst had its time in 1998. The second model in which he used the promotional catalyst model was the model 206 2.0 HDI diesel version in the years of production from 1999-2016. The catalyst has a small format, approx. 36 cm long.

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  • Reducing energy consumption. Electricity accounts for up to 30% of the cost of manufacturing ceramics, and changes in energy costs have a direct impact on profits. The introduction of a climate change levy has already increased the electricity consumption of ceramic processors and is unlikely to be the last increase in energy prices. There has been a long way to go to reduce energy use

  • The 80EB code catalyst is used by the Suzuki brand. These catalysts are elongated in shape and small in size, with a length of about 25 cm and a weight not exceeding 0.67 kg. The catalyst cover has a mounting plate and its edges are smooth. These catalysts were fitted to Suzuki Swift cars with 1.0 and 1.3 petrol engines and were manufactured in 2000. The

  • The generation and management of electronic waste is one of the most important environmental issues of particular importance in recent decades. Electronic waste is generated at the very beginning of the production of each product with unprocessed raw materials and is subsequently generated at each stage of this process until the unprocessed raw material becomes a consumer good. The electronics we buy become waste

  • The K2NC catalytic converter is found in Nissan, Hyundai and Kia cars. This catalyst has four asymmetrical slopes. Its length is about 35 cm, and its longest part is about 30 cm wide. Today this catalyst converter cost 160 euros. The catalyst code RDH21 is used by the Hyundai and Kia brands. They are almost 40 cm long and 18 cm wide. The weight of the

  • Catalysts with code 46523259 were used at the Fiat brand. They are small in size - no longer than 27 cm. The weight of the catalyst is about 0.6 kg, it is also important to mention that in its construction, the device is very symmetrical. The catalyst has a more round shape. The price of this catalyst today is 85 euros. Catalyst code 46523259 was

  • As you can see, the pattern can be used on an unusual number of car makes and models. The second vehicle that uses 045178ACB catalytic converters is the Ford Galaxy.  According to many experts, the Ford Galaxy is the "almost perfect" car. Its biggest advantage is low operating costs and a large number of seats. Its biggest competitors are the already mentioned Sharan, Seat Alhambra

  • Catalysts with code 045178ACB. Their weight, depending on the specific model, ranges from 1.17 kg to 1.5 kg. The average length is about half a meter. Catalysts are characterized by a round cover shape and a long longitudinal outlet. Rust likes to settle on the convexity of the cover. Next to the catalyst number, we can often find manufacturers such as "dd", "jd" or

  • The K2A2 catalyst is used by the PSA group. These catalysts are characterized by a small length of about 35 cm. The catalyst is oval in shape and is prone to corrosion. K202 catalysts weigh from 1.39 kg to 1.94 kg. This is exactly the model available on the Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner 2.0 HDi. They were used in the 1999 production year. The

  • Catalyst converter number 46473014/46524758, was manufactured by the Italian car group for FIAT and LANCIA vehicles. The ceramic catalyst converter, which is about 48 cm long, stands out with a trapezoidal lid. The construction of the outlets differs from the others, but they retain an overall rounded shape. Catalyst converter with specified home options can be found in cars of Italian manufacturers - petrol

  • Catalyst Converter 1715303/2987721002 / R01 / US PATENT 5666805 is a BMW Catalyst Converter. It weighs 1.88 kg and is almost 40 cm long. The catalyst has a rounded, asymmetrical shape. One of the side openings faces down. Used in models E36 and E46 1999-2001. The first of the models, the BMW E36, is the third generation of the model to become available in the

  • Every company that produces a particular product must ultimately dispose of various wastes of materials, which must be handed over to the authorities authorized to receive them. It is worth knowing who has the right to collect and dispose of waste and what permits need to be obtained in order to dispose of waste. As defined in 2012 December 14 by law, waste is any

  • Catalysts, number 5027916/44103245516, are used in the production of Skoda brand automotive catalysts. This model is about 44 cm long and weighs 0.985 kg. They are characterized by a symmetrical structure, smoothed edges, transverse strips at the site of the inserted insert, and bilateral narrowing at the outlets. They are often corroded, but the code is usually easy to read.  Skoda Felicia was established between