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  • As early as 1975 in the United States of America and little bit later in Europe began to take care of the use of catalysts and catalysts benefits. These days in many parts of the world, catalyst must have all cars in the markets. This is happened because cars incineration cases significant damage to the environment and human health, therefore, over the time scientists

  • Catalyst number 1X43-5E212-AK it is characterised by the unusual shape of a rounded trapezoid, with a low insert weight of 0.89 kg, as well as about 30 cm long and about 20 cm wide. Today we can pay 305 euros for this catalyst. Jaguar X Type 3.0 is a vehicle that was produced by the American group Ford Motor Company under the British brand Jaguar

  • With catalysts GM23, Opel used the Opel Corsa B and Opel Tigra models with 1.4 and 1.6 gasoline engines from 1995. The length of the cover is 33 cm and the width is 12 cm, which makes the shape rectangular and longitudinal. The edges with a tendency to corrosion are flattened, and in the middle of the housing there are 4 characteristic, transversely located

  • Catalyst number T11 most often found in Toyota Yaris with 1.0 petrol engine, which has been produced since 1999. Its elongated form has approx. 52 cm. A special feature of this catalyst is one of the outlets, which shape resembles a shorter and smaller version of the tube. In today of this catalyst we can pay 195 euros. Toyota Yaris it was first presented in 1997

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  • In electronic devices, especially computers, the motherboard is the motherboard of the printed circuit board that runs the entire system infrastructure. The processor, meanwhile, is a semiconductor chip that processes information in digital form. The motherboard forms the basic architecture of the entire system, which is why it is the most important component of any electronic device. It is also known as a motherboard,

  • Catalyst number 46433199 was used by the Italian car concern Fiat. These catalysts are small in size, weighing about 27 cm in length and weighing just over a kilogram. Despite their small size, the catalysts have rounded edges and are very symmetrical, with outlets slightly different in shape. These catalysts were used in the production of Fiat Punto petrol in 1996.   The Fiat Punto

  • Catalyst H107025 was installed in 1997-2003 for Renault cars. This catalytic converter is available in the Renault Laguna, Megane, Scenic and Espace petrol versions with 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 engines. This catalyst is oval in shape and small in size. It weighs relatively little and reaches 0.27 kg, and the length of this device is about 40 cm. Today we take a look at the

  • The standard Volkswagen catalytic converter is in the Jetta, Polo and as can be seen from the name Golf model with a 1.3 engine from 1992 onwards. The catalyst weighs 1.04 kg, is about 47 cm in size and is 13 cm wide. The catalyst sound disc is perforated to prevent catalysis from occurring. VW JETTA is a compact car in the C and

  •  When you smell smoke inside the car, you should not ignore this phenomenon. Often, the occurrence of such a problem does not necessarily mean a serious failure that can be costly. In most cases, the cause of the exhaust odor in the vehicle is a leaky exhaust system. Diagnosis of smoke in the cabin should start with checking that the situation is regular and

  • Catalysts with codes 7502226 and 7502222 are used in the lesser known BMW Z3 model. These catalysts are characterized by a low weight of 0.20 kg and small sizes - they are about 25 cm long, oblong, straight in shape. The model is available in two body styles: coupe and roadster - both types have had great sales success. The Z3 car model can seduce

  • Catalyst number GM44 is used for the German market manufacturer's brand "OPEL". This catalyst can be identified by its elongated shape, symmetrical outlet and inlet length. The surface of the catalyst is quite porous, making the model number difficult to see (if in doubt about the accuracy of the model, you can contact a professional who will provide an in-depth analysis). The catalyst weighs

  • Catalyst KT0138 is used in German Mercedes cars. These catalysts have an asymmetrical, flat shape and many lateral convexities on the surface. The outlets are arranged in different planes (one is on the side, the other is angled upwards, looking like an extension of the catalyst). The length of the catalyst does not exceed 45 cm, but the weight is 1.74 kg. These ceramic

  • Catalysts with number 96264037 are used in Daewoo brand cars. They are easy to distinguish from their elongated and very symmetrical shapes. They are about 40 cm long and these catalysts weigh about 1.2 kg. Catalyst model 96264037 has been used under the Daewoo Rezzo 2.0 brand since 2001.The Daewoo Rezzo is a compact car model produced by Daewoo Motors from 2000 to 2009. Until

  • Electronic waste (electronic waste) is one of the fastest growing areas of the international waste stream. According to European Union research, they are growing by around 3-5%. per year or about three times faster than other individual waste streams. Some authors argue that the fast-growing electronics industry, driven by the growing demand for information and communication technologies around the world, coupled with rapid product aging

  • These catalysts: GM45GL / GM24412001 / F7, are small in size - they are only 25 cm long and do not exceed 0.13 kg! Their shape is quite unusual. One of the outlets is very elongated and makes up almost half the length of the catalyst. It is these devices that have been fitted to Opel-branded car models such as the Astra, Corsa, Vectra,

  • Catalysts with code 46523259 were used at the Fiat brand. They are small in size - no longer than 27 cm. The weight of the catalyst is about 0.6 kg, it is also important to mention that in its construction, the device is very symmetrical. The catalyst has a more round shape. The price of this catalyst today is 85 euros. Catalyst code 46523259 was