Refining of precious metals

The catalyst is – …?

As early as 1975 in the United States of America and little bit later in Europe began to take care of the use of catalysts and catalysts benefits. These days in many parts of the world, catalyst must have all cars in the markets. This is happened because cars incineration cases significant damage to the environment and human health, therefore, over the time scientists tried to find the ways and means to reduce cars damage. In this day, these measures are known in society as – catalysts.

It is important to mention that the working part of the catalysts is extremely cellular, this accommodating a small volume of active surface area.

Catalysts are divided into: reduction and oxidation. Both types of active material are ceramic coated with layers of platinum, palladium and radium. The catalyst is extremely important in the exhaust gas recycling process. It is also important to mention that it reduces harmful gases while protecting the environment and human health. What ever be catalysts require extremely expensive and rare metals such as platinum and palladium, which cost thousands

Catalyst performance can be assessed in three stages: operational, semi-operational and non-operational. Working condition – normal stage, semi-working condition informs the driver of the car with disappearing traction, disappearing revolutions, consumption of petrol. When the catalytic converter is not in the working stage, the engine may not start and stops immediately when it starts.