Refining of precious metals

About us

We are a newly formed team – a division with a focused task – to achieve ambitious recycling indicators. Thanks to the decisive decisions made in the short term, today we can offer the wide range of services to our customers. Our company purchase electronic waste and ensures different type of electronic waste preparation processes and their management before transferring them to reliable partners for further waste recycling process.

Scope of the company’s activity:

• Purchase of printed circuit boards

• Purchase of used vehicle catalysts and DPF filters


Electrical appliances contain a multitude of different chemicals that become hazardous when dispersed in the environment. No longer used electronic equipment and devices required specific knowledge and conditions that allow the preparation of this electronic waste for further work processes. Currently, the company buys and offers competitive prices for precious metal-containing electronic waste, printed circuit boards and their components. The company execute dismantling processes for no longer usued products, during which environmentally hazardous and valuable parts are separated.

Catalysts and DPF filters

Catalysts and DPF filters are designed to reduce emissions of harmful particles from vehicles. No longer used catalysts and DPF filters are harmful to the environment and must be recycled. Today, the company purchases used catalysts and DPF filters from individuals and legal entities in order to offer its customers higher prices than prevailing in the market. It is important to estimate that catalysts and DPF filters contain precious metals (such as platinum, palladium, rhodium), so the ultimate goal of the company is their recycling. The company uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to responsibly evaluate the contents of the tanks. In the process, the inside of the ceramic or metal material is extracted from the tanks of the metal catalysts or DPF filters who are weighed, then crushed to a homogeneous mass and subjected to a chemical analysis after chemical analysis.

The geographical location of the company’s customers is not limited to Lithuania – the company successfully cooperates with customers abroad: Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Norway and other European countries.

From the very beginning of the company’s activity, the main principle of work is honesty and openness. Every customer is a partner to us. Relationships with customers and partners ensure better business understanding and collaboration success. We prioritize responsible operations and the development of long-term relationships. We are responsible, therefore we follow strict ISO 14001: 2018 standards in our activities, paying attention to nature conservation.

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