The generation and management of electronic waste is one of the most important environmental issues of particular importance in recent decades. Electronic waste is generated at the very beginning of the production of each product with unprocessed raw materials and

The K2A2 catalyst is used by the PSA group. These catalysts are characterized by a small length of about 35 cm. The catalyst is oval in shape and is prone to corrosion. K202 catalysts weigh from 1.39 kg to 1.94

Printed circuit boards originated from electrical connection systems developed in the 1850s. Metal strips or rods were originally used to connect large electrical components mounted on wooden bases. Over time, the metal strips were replaced with wires connected to the

The most important and main part of a computer is the system unit, which contains: a system board with its main components - a processor (sometimes called a central processor), main memory, cache, special slots for inserting additional boards and auxiliary

Many different appliances, from dryers to vacuum cleaners, use electricity as an energy source. These electrical devices transform the electrical current they receive through a wall outlet and convert it into another form of energy. For example, your toaster converts