The dismantling process can be used as a preventive measure for the generation of printed circuit board waste by reusing it after changing the relevant functions. Also dismantling, carried out as the initial stage of modernization operations. These operations are

The most important and main part of a computer is the system unit, which contains: a system board with its main components - a processor (sometimes called a central processor), main memory, cache, special slots for inserting additional boards and auxiliary

Many different appliances, from dryers to vacuum cleaners, use electricity as an energy source. These electrical devices transform the electrical current they receive through a wall outlet and convert it into another form of energy. For example, your toaster converts

In electronic devices, especially computers, the motherboard is the motherboard of the printed circuit board that runs the entire system infrastructure. The processor, meanwhile, is a semiconductor chip that processes information in digital form. The motherboard forms the basic architecture

Electronic waste (electronic waste) is one of the fastest growing areas of the international waste stream. According to European Union research, they are growing by around 3-5%. per year or about three times faster than other individual waste streams. Some authors

A printed motherboard is a key part in both desktops and laptops that connects all the other parts into a single whole. The processor, hard drives, RAM, video cards, sound cards, optical drives, and other components are connected to the