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Printed electronic boards (PCB). How much does it cost to make them?

Both engineers and technicians often consider the cost of assembling printed circuit boards (PCB) or how they can reduce the cost of existing assembly operations. Next, we will answer the question “how much does it cost to assemble printed circuit boards (PCB)” and make suggestions on how to save on the costs of assembling printed circuit boards (PCB).

The cost of assembling printed circuit boards (PCB) includes labor costs, technology, turnaround time, packaging of parts, and the amount of printed circuit boards (PCB) required. The use of a printed circuit board (PCB) production cost calculator can help determine the cost of an operation. However, most printed circuit board (PCB) assembly unit prices range from $ 10 to $ 50, depending on the number of units produced.

The cost of assembling printed circuit boards (PCB) is affected by the geographical location in which the boards are manufactured. Because the production of printed circuit boards (PCB) involves skilled human processes and automated machines, labor costs can be high. Therefore, companies have an incentive to produce printed circuit boards (PCB) in regions where labor is cheaper.

For example, printed circuit boards (PCB) assembled in South Asia are generally several times cheaper than those produced in North America or Western Europe. Assuming three days, the average collection cost in North America is about $ 1,100 USD. In contrast, the same amount of panels in China will cost $ 545. However, overseas production can increase shipping, handling and delay costs. Therefore, cheap production may involve unforeseen costs that need to be assessed before contracting with a foreign producer.

When asked “how much does it cost to assemble PCB”, one of the first answers comes to mind: Turnaround time refers to the time it takes to complete a manufacturing process and satisfy a buyer’s request. Expectations of faster turnover usually cost more.

Buyers who require short delivery times can increase the cost of assembling printed circuit boards (PCB) by up to a third (i.e., 33 percent or more). Short delivery times usually increase collection costs because companies often need to hold existing orders to make your priority a priority. Also, expedited shipping, which shortens turnaround time, is also more expensive than regular shipping.