Catalyst KT0138 is used in German Mercedes cars. These catalysts have an asymmetrical, flat shape and many lateral convexities on the surface. The outlets are arranged in different planes (one is on the side, the other is angled upwards, looking

Catalysts with number 96264037 are used in Daewoo brand cars. They are easy to distinguish from their elongated and very symmetrical shapes. They are about 40 cm long and these catalysts weigh about 1.2 kg. Catalyst model 96264037 has been used

Electronic waste (electronic waste) is one of the fastest growing areas of the international waste stream. According to European Union research, they are growing by around 3-5%. per year or about three times faster than other individual waste streams. Some authors

Spausdintinė motininė plokštė yra pagrindinė dalis tiek stacionariuose kompiuteriuose tiek nešiojamuose, kuri jungia visas kitas dalis į bendrą visumą.  Procesorius, kietieji diskai, darbinė atmintis, vaizdo plokštės, garso kortos, optiniai įrenginiai bei kitos dalys yra prijungtos prie pagrindinės plokštės tiesiogiai arba

Catalysts 9146663/2236958001 are used by the Swedish brand Volvo. What characterizes them most is a wide, flat cover, the edges of which are additionally flattened. In the cover you will find several transversely arranged recesses. The entire catalyst is topped