Catalyst code N43 have been used in Honda car manufacturing. They are characterized by a metal insert, elongated shape, length up to 55 cm and weight up to 4 kg! There are screw holes in the edges of the cover. The

Catalyst Converter with code 1732952 is one of the most popular models used in BMW cars. It is about 30 cm in weight and weighs less than 0.2 kg. It is characterized by an elongated, cylindrical shape, a tendency to

FCFE2 Catalyst uses the Subaru brand. These are ceramic catalysts up to 60 cm long and weighing just 0.49 kg. These catalysts have an asymmetrical design, flattened caps and a code at the edge. Catalysts with FCFE2 number were installed

Catalysts with numbers 1740183 and 1740184 are used by the German brand BMW. In turn, it is produced by Eberspacher. Catalysts are characterized by a longitudinal shape and asymmetrically arranged outlets. One of them faces upwards at a 45-degree angle.

 Catalyst number K352 / 501240 is used by the PSA Group, which is a combination of the Peugeot and Citroen brands. The catalyst has a longitudinal, rounded shape, a perforated cap, and asymmetrical outlets of various shapes. Its own length