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Catalysts 7502226 and 7502222. BMW Z3

Catalysts with codes 7502226 and 7502222 are used in the lesser known BMW Z3 model. These catalysts are characterized by a low weight of 0.20 kg and small sizes – they are about 25 cm long, oblong, straight in shape.

The model is available in two body styles: coupe and roadster – both types have had great sales success. The Z3 car model can seduce with its unique style and powerful engine. The Z3 is also the first BMW-brand car produced outside its home country. The products were made in an American factory in Spartanburg. This model has been modified almost all the time, so many may not be able to recognize and differentiate. With each subsequent version, the car was equipped with more and more functional accessories such as an electric sunroof, airbags or a DSC system.

The car was used by British mechanic Paul Bacon, who built his Z3-based vehicle called the Cosmotron. For this purpose, it had a chassis with a 2.8-liter engine with a power of 192 hp. The most common advantages of the model are lightness and exceptional style. The downside is the really high cost and expensive maintenance. Production of this car was completed in 2002