Catalysts 9146663/2236958001 are used by the Swedish brand Volvo. What characterizes them most is a wide, flat cover, the edges of which are additionally flattened. In the cover you will find several transversely arranged recesses. The entire catalyst is topped

Katalizatorius, kurio bakelio kodas yra B34C, yra naudojamas prekės ženklo MAZDA automobiliuose. Katalizatorius yra 35 centimetrų ilgio, o jo svoris yra apie 600 gramų. Jis yra simetriškos formos. Šiems katalizatoriams būdingas perforuotas dangtelis, kurį schematiškai galima padalinti į tris dalis,

Catalyst number K 135 was used in Peugeot cars, mainly in the model 106 in the petrol version 1.1. The use of this catalyst had its time in 1998. The second model in which he used the promotional catalyst model was

As you can see, the pattern can be used on an unusual number of car makes and models. The second vehicle that uses 045178ACB catalytic converters is the Ford Galaxy.  According to many experts, the Ford Galaxy is the "almost perfect"